Bottle Brush Extensions

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Flexible and sturdy ThermoPlastic Rubber (TPR) bristles combine with an easy-grip handle in this kitchen “must have” that quickly gets bottles, vases, glassware and other containers spotless. Layer on the EnviroSleeve to gently clean delicate glassware, or purchase the EnviroSleeve with Scrubber for extra-tough jobs. And for those hard-to-reach areas, snap on a Bottle Brush Extension.

Bottle Brush:
4.8cm x 31.8cm 

7.6cm x 11.4cm
70% polyester /30% polyamide, blue

EnviroSleeve with Scrubber:
7.6cm x 11.4cm
80% polyester /20% polyamide, blue

Bottle Brush Extensions:
19.8cm x 6cm
26.1cm x 3.5cm


Vases, bottles and other containers with long, narrow openings can be especially hard to clean. Sometimes your hand can’t fit inside to reach the bottom, which is often where the most dirt and grime accumulate. Nylon bottle brushes are an option, but their bristles can harbour unwanted bacteria and germs.


The Bottle Brush and EnviroSleeves are perfect for deep cleaning a wide variety of jars, bottles and vases - even pots and pans! The Brush’s ThermoPlastic Rubber (TPR) bristles are flexible, yet sturdy, and won’t harbour bacteria. And the EnviroSleeves slip on easily to scrub away, lift and remove even stuck-on residue.